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Current COVID info when visiting Spain

The nationwide state of emergency in Spain ended on the 9 May 2021, however many regions still have restrictions and curfews in place. You must check with each regional government to confirm how these affect you. The use of face masks in enclosed public spaces must be followed at all times.

Before traveling to Spain, you must complete and sign an online health control form. Declaring any known history of exposure to COVID-19. If not done electronic this must be submitted in paper format.
On arrival into Spanish ports and airports you may be required to present the QR code, undergo a temperature check or undergo a health assessment. You may also be required to provide evidence of a negative test and/or evidence of being fully vaccinated.

This information is subject to change and while we endeavour to keep this information up to date there might be sudden changes to the rules.

90/180 Rule

The rule allows a non-EU national to stay in Spain for no more than 90 days in a rolling 180-day period.

It is important to remember the 90-day rule applies for the whole Schengen area. This means you cannot stay in Spain for 3 months and then another Schengen country for a further 3 months, you must return to your country.

In order to spend longer within the Schengen area, you will need to apply for a specific Visa that meets your requirements for the countries you are visiting. For Spain this may be a Non-Lucrative Visa or a Employment Visa.

UK law in your Spanish Will

For UK nationals, Spanish Wills can be made to state that the laws of England and Wales are to apply to your assets.

In Spain the law states that you must leave a set percentage of the estate to your children, this is known as forced heirship and will apply to your estate unless specified. UK Law allows testamentary freedom meaning you have control over who inherits your assets.

Central Registry of Wills

When someone dies owning Spanish assets such as property or money held in a bank, one of the first things the heirs need to do is understand if there is a Spanish Will in place and the location of the document. Spain has a central registry of Wills (Registro General de Actos de Última Voluntad) where all Wills are logged, this does not mean they are stored. In most cases the original document is with the notary that created the document.

If you know that there is no Spanish Will in place, the registry will still need to provide confirmation. The document called the ‘Certificate of last Will’ (Certificados de actos de última voluntad) must be obtained.

For more details please click the link below to be redirected to our other website Spanish Probate Matters.

Central Will Registry Search

Sworn or Certified Translations?

When dealing with a Spanish legal matter it is important to understand the importance of obtaining the right translation. Sworn translations are required in every context from dealing with inheritance to translating documents for use in a Visa and residency application.

A regular certified translation is not legally valid and can be done, in principle, by any person who has a really good command of the language. Regular translations can be required for informational purposes, to be published or further for internal purposes but can not be used when dealing with a legal document.

Sworn translations are done by translators who count with the certification of Sworn Translator-Interpreter granted by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union, and Cooperation. Sworn translators bear witness to the fact that the translated document is a fully accurate and faithful reflection of the source text.

Spanish Succession Rules

Full details on Spanish Sueccesion Rules can be found on our other website Spanish Probate Matters, please click the link below to be redirected.

Spanish Succession Rules

Obtaining an NIE in Spain

Have you inherited assets in Spain through a probate related matter? Then you may need to pay some taxes, for which you will need to get a NIE. Call us now on 020 8150 2010 (if calling from overseas use 0044 20 8150 2010) and we will help you obtain an NIE in Spain, as well as assist you with everything else related to Spanish probate and your inheritance.

Resealing Probate in Spain

Full details on Resealing Probate in Spain can be found on our other website Spanish Probate Matters, please click the link below to be redirected.

Resealing Probate in Spain

EU Succession Regulations

Do EU succession rules affect you as an expat inheriting in Spain? If you are struggling with all the regulations and the differences between Spain and the UK or any Spanish probate matter, call us now and we will help you to solve your issues and conclude the probate successfully.

Inheritance Rejection

For full details and information on Inheritance Rejection please visit our other website Spanish Probate Matters, click the button below to be redirected.

Inheritance Rejection

Forced Heirship in Spain

For full details and information on Forced Heirship in Spain please visit our other website Spanish Probate Matters, click the button below to be redirected.

Forced Heirship

Further Information

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